General Medical Italia makes available to its customers, both users of the products and retailers, a set of telephone and telematics services. The proposed solutions, through telephone, thorugh Internet, offer a set of information and services to use at the best and keep efficient any GMI products. The information being provided is about the characteristics of the products and their indicative price of sale,
as well as thee telephone or remote support for technical problems, requests for spare parts and much more. GMI interaction systems are at your disposal. The help desk service is able to manage requests of technical information or to forward any other request, prior to registration of the customer and assignment of an INCIDENT number. It is the reference point also to report complains and anomalies in general.

The service responds to the number +39 0825 607224 and it is active every weekday from 9.00 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Telephone : +39 0825 607224

Why Us?

  • to consider and manage that which for other companies is still a market niche, and turn it into a true company mission by giving it global and complete attention.


  • State:ITALY
  • Address:Via Nazionale snc
  • City:83030 Montefredane (AV)
  • Tel:+39 0825 607224